As UX Designer's job is not to create visually stunning interfaces

Or to knock people's socks off with your out-of-the-box designs.

Their job is simply to help users do what they need to do in the easiest way possible.

Imagine yourself buying the supercar of your dreams. You longed for this moment your whole life, and it's finally happening.

But when you try to start the engine, you turn the wipers on instead. There are countless buttons without labels and all the controls are in the wrong place.

As you finally manage to start, you can't enjoy the experience, because you're too focused on not screwing up.

So frustrating...

Even though this is the same car you had framed in a poster since childhood, the driving experience is terrible.

UX design is no different

Creating beautiful interfaces is great, but it should not come at the expense of usability.

You want the interface to be intuitive and easy to use, so your users can focus on the task at hand. Their experience should be smooth and effortless so that the product becomes an extension of themselves.

Good UX design is often invisible, it’s only when it’s bad that it stands out

And that's what makes the job of a UX designer so important.

Creating great user experiences requires not only technical skills but also knowledge of psychology, sociology, and design. And it demands careful research and testing.

If done right, you'll find that the people using your product are engaged and recommend it to their friends.

So keep usability and functionality top of mind when developing user experience!

And what comes after is the cherry on top of the cake.